Emily Lipof

About The Book

How I love to write! I have written this book the way I have tried to live my life: with purpose, a sense of adventure, and the will to help others smooth out some of life’s bumps. I have an abundant love for children and an unshakable faith in their goodness and ability to grow. I am so excited about the publication of TEACHING STORIES AND ACTIVITIES FOR YOUTH because it is filled with stories and lessons to grow by and has added so much good to so many lives.

This book is a combo: a combination of the inspirational and practical, of fantasy and reality. It is stories and lesson plans for teachers, group leaders, camp and school counselors and all who are entrusted with the welfare and growth of children, ages 8 to 18. It is a storybook, with good questions for parents and their children.

I am convinced that lessons are not taught; they are caught by those whose minds and hearts have been opened by a good pitcher. With this conviction, I have developed a format which begins with a high point of interest: the story. It continues with memorable tag-lines, catchy verses to grow by, follow-up activities, discussion questions and a suggestion for a memory gift. Here you have all the needed pitching equipment to inspire your group and win your game.

For many years, I have been using all this equipment to tell stories and teach life to thousands of children and adults who catch what I pitch, remember the lessons and keep them close as they maneuver their way through their world. I know it all works well.

TEACHING STORIES AND ACTIVITIES FOR YOUTH provides a trove of tales about the many different bumps we may have to climb and it offers a variety of ways to maneuver through, around and over them. For the smooth paths, it encourages gratitude and giving back. “A little boy was leading his sister up a mountain path and the way was not too easy. “Why, this isn’t a path at all,” the little girl complained. “It’s all rocky and bumpy.” And her brother replied, “Sure, the bumps are what you climb on.” ~Warren W. Wiersbe

Now that I have developed this process, I am anxious to share it with you. Now that I know the satisfaction and fulfillment of its use, I hope you will know it, too.