Emily Lipof

About The Illustrator

Sydney Lipof, age 17
Rabbi Emily’s Granddaughter

Six Questions for Sydney

Q- Sydney, what did it mean to you to be able to create the illustrations for your Grandmother’s book?

Sydney – I thought it was a really special experience to create something with my Grandma! The entire process of creating the book was very new to me and helped me learn the steps you have to take in order to illustrate a book.

Q- When did you first start painting and drawing?

Sydney – I first started painting and drawing in kindergarten when my favorite class became art. My teacher was new at the time and now I teach art classes with her on Saturdays. Throughout elementary and middle school I continued to do art. Once I got into high school, I took a new class called mixed media and I still take it today, in my junior year (along with many other art classes). During my sophomore year, I created around 40 Individual pieces.

Q- You create incredible artwork using many different mediums. Do you have a favorite?

Sydney – I have many favorite mediums. It depends on the subject of the piece but I love painting, using pens, and collages.

Q- What inspires you to create a new piece of art?

Sydney – My mood, feelings, travels, and experiences contribute to what art I make. For example, when I went to Israel this summer, I was able to see a lot of new art and go on new adventures that helped me create more art when I came home.

Q- What advice would you give to kids and teens who want to draw or paint but aren’t sure where to start?

Sydney – If you’re trying art for the first time I would suggest that you do whatever makes you happy and use it to de-stress, or just do something for fun because that is when art can be most enjoyable.

Q- Where can we see more of your artwork?

Sydney – You can find more of my artwork on my Instagram account @sydneysscribbles