Emily Lipof


This book is a must read for all of us who love children and want to help them become happy, successful adults who care about giving back to the world. Renowned Rabbi Emily Lipof enlightens us with the wisdom she’s shared over five decades with children at schools, summer camps, community groups, churches, and synagogues, as well as with her own five children. Using stories from diverse cultures and incorporating games, Teaching Stories and Activities for Youth prepares children for many of life’s pitfalls and joys, so they can grow and become strong, confident, and caring adults.

Elizabeth Cohen, MPH
CNN Senior Medical Correspondent

Rabbi Emily Lipof was the first great storyteller of my life. Her stories and puppetry inspired me to enter the world of theater, where I have written and directed an Off-Broadway play entitled The Parade based on one of her tales. Her profound wisdom, intertwined with the stories’ deeper meanings, have been fully captured in this incredible book.

Ally Sass, Writer

You have changed my life. I usually feel a little down, but your story tonight, taught me how to live up—and how to stay up.

Zachary, age 11

My children shared Rabbi Emily’s story about squinting. Right now, life is not easy for our family and we have deliberately done a lot of squinting. It really helps, and sometimes it makes us laugh together. It’s a great way to get through some of the tough times. Thank you for writing this book. It will touch so many people!

Deb Yolin, Parent of a camper

We have no greater responsibility than ensuring the next generation is brought up in an environment that values community, good citizenship, empathy, love, and joy. The stories and activities in this book are thought-provoking and engaging lessons for young people during their adolescent years—a critical period in their journey to adulthood. Teaching Stories and Activities for Youth is a beautiful book and a valuable tool for parents and educators alike.

Michael Brown
CEO and Co-Founder, City Year

Children and adults alike will be motivated and inspired by this book. I have used these captivating stories, engaging activities, and accompanying materials in the classroom, at retreats, and at summer camp. The inclusion of a memory gift and cute taglines help to make the learning fun. I am so delighted with the engaging, deep, and meaningful discussions which emerge as a result of these charming and accessible stories.

Shari Churwin, Education Director
Temple Ohabei Shalom, Brookline, MA

As an educator, I come across many young people who are concerned by the general dereliction of ethical and moral values in today’s society. This book provides many wonderful stories and activities that can be used by parents and teachers to redirect the moral compass and guide our youth on a path toward integrity, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Whatever your age, these lessons instill a new hope for the future leaders of our society of tomorrow.

Dean Goodwin, Ph.D., Center for Inquiry-Based Education
Upper School Science Teacher, The Tatnall School